Viminacium, Golubac, Tumane Monastery and Lepen Whirl

Route: Viminacium - world renowned archeological site in Serbia. Viminacium was former major city of Roman Moesia and significant military camp.

Golubac – Golubac was declared Monument of Culture of Exceptional Significance and is located on the territory of the National Park Iron Gates. The trademark of Golubac is an octagonal Hat Tower on the Danube River.

Tumane Monastery – is located near Golubac was founded by Knight Miloš Obilić, famous hero of the epic songs of Kosovo Battle cycle.

Natural Monument Tufa accumulation – is categorized as III level of protection. It is a zone of extraordinary natural beauty.

Lepen Whirl – important Mesolithic and Neolithic archeological site. Its culture is 7000 years old.